Kitchen Accessories

This popular kitchen layout includes:

  • Large drawer with a slide-out aluminium table 
  • Bushman 85L upright fridge
  • Fridge mounting enclosure with drawer under
  • Half height, slide-out pantry side mounted to the fridge enclosure.
  • Slotted wall behind drawer to prevent objects falling off the drawer top, through to the drivers side.
  • Internal and door mounted lighting 

Our slide-out pantries are available in a half or full height size which side mount to our fridge enclosure. We also make a larger free standing pantry with a front bottle/storage caddy.

Bushman 85L Fridge with Mounting Enclosure & Drawer Under

The single most important and popular accessory we put in our canopies is a fridge, specifically the Bushman 85L upright fridge. 

Upright fridges utilize the vertical space of the canopy and are quick and easy to access during food prep and while cooking. 

We have developed our own aluminium enclosure to mount and protect the fridge from moving objects during transit and included a handy drawer below for extra storage. This enclosure allows for the side mounting of a slide-out full or half height pantry. 


Road Chef Oven & Mounting Bracket

Cooking up a storm has never been easier with the 12V Road Chef Oven range. These ovens have are now a must have for so many of our customers so we have developed a mounting bracket for both the standard size Road Chef oven or the Big Bertha 13L model. 

This bracket securely mounts the oven to the roof channel, allowing us to run the cables back through the roof channel to the power source for tidy, cable free finish. 

This mounting position allows for easy access to the oven, and frees up space below for food prep and storage. It also keeps the oven in a position where the dials cant be accidentally turned on by moving objects or little hands.

Rear Mount Accessories

  • Spare wheel carrier
  • Fold down ladder
  • Jerry can holder 

Other common configurations include multiple jerry can holders or dual spare wheel carriers. 

This picture shows our ladder spacer, which allows the ladder to fold down if the canopy length is shorter than the tray length. 


Trundle Drawers & Underbody Water Tanks

Our trundle drawers are available in 3 different lengths to allow space in front of the drawer for a water tank. Opting for a shorter drawer length will allow you to have a larger water tank. 

Our drawers come standard with rubber dust seals and two tamper resistant drop handles keyed alike to the canopy and undertray toolbox lids. 

Drivers Side Storage Shelf 

Our drivers side overhead storage shelf is mounted to the roof channels, and can be removed when/if you need the extra storage height. 

Perfect for swags, bags and camp chairs, this shelf allows you to separate and organise your gear where it can be easily seen and accessed. The slotted holes allow you to tie off easily and the smaller round holes are perfect for fitting eye bolts, bungie or Occy straps.