Full-Time Canopies

Full-Time Canopies


For people who don't need to remove their canopy from the vehicle, a full-time canopy is a cost effective and lightweight alternative to a tray. 

Our mounting bases are an extremely strong 4mm aluminium monocoque design the same as our trays, just without a headboard or sideboards. As with our trays, a base comes standard with under tray toolboxes, mudguards and rear indicator panel and can be fitted with a trundle drawer and/or water tank.


  • Strong, durable and lightweight 4mm aluminium monocoque design
  • Same great aesthetic as our trays 
  • Compatible with our canopy range
  • More compact than a tray, as there is no headboard
  • Lighter than a tray
  • Does not require powder coating
  • Compatible with trundle drawers and water tanks
  • Less expensive than a tray
Full-Time Canopies
Full-Time Canopies


  • Aluminium construction
  • Mudguards and mudflaps 
  • Rope rail side profiles the same as on our trays 
  • Rear undertray toolboxes
  • Full width rear indicator and license plate panel
  • Maxilamp 3 series indicators, license plate lights 
  • All required chassis mounting brackets and hardware